THE EXCLUDED MIDDLE – does your world view explain the invisible?

Physical world – We see. We touch. Science explains.
Philosophical world – We think. We reason. We decide if we believe in one God or in one million gods.
But what about the invisible interaction between these two worlds. Can your world view explain when God intervenes in the lives of humans? I’ve heard this called the Excluded Middle. It encompasses all the stuff we can’t explain and perhaps we would rather deny it exists at all. Have you ever wondered about this kind of stuff?

Fate. Coincidence. Providence. No one believes in coincidences. Forces that guide events are too strong to ignore. Some call it spirit, some call it astrology. It’s not trendy to believe in them either, but people wish and hope they could believe in something that would give meaning to the course of the universe. I call it providence. My life is the chapter in the book of history, and everything makes sense.

An invisible spiritual world. Angels. Signs. Magic. Some world views attribute all events that can’t be explained by science as spiritual. Others say everything can be explained by science. But I wonder if these folks have traveled much. Sorcerers are real. Ask the one that lives down the block. Voodoo workers are real, and zombies really do walk the streets in Haiti. Do these powers come from science? If your world view is in denial they exist then you are admitting that you can not explain the invisible. Why would I want to sign up for a world view that is lacking explanations?

That empty feeling after sex. The supernatural connection between two people when they begin doing it. The invisible unbreakable bond that sends you into depression when you break up. Your shrink won’t tell you that person’s heart united with your own, and now you must tear out part of your own heart as you send them packing.

Addictions. Why do people start? Why does a beautiful thirteen year old decide one day to start smoking “because she needs a tic?” What are we avoiding in life that it is less painful to subject ourselves to the bondage of gambling, smoking, drinking, Internet, and mindless pastimes that take our mind off of our true life.

Shopping. Your shrink will tell you shopping is a compulsion that you can not control, that you must find a balance between “treating yourself to a pleasure” and not going over budget. But has anyone considered the age old yearning to become a new person? It dates to Ancient Egyptian times and beyond. Men carry the latest gadget proudly and feel like a new person. Women walk out of the store wearing the latest fashion and are reborn.

Jesus says this constant thirst to become a new being will never be quenched except through the acknowledgment of a spiritual world around us. He has come to bestow the power to actually become that new person we’ve always dreamed of, casting off past bondage and living a fulfilled life that makes sense. If you could have control over this spiritual dimension around you, would you dare to believe?

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