As is often the case when we spend long hours chatting and hanging out Saturday night, when the wee hours of the night become the wee hours of the morning is finally when people push through the chit-chat and dare to bring up what really is on their mind.

Our conversation turned to things of a spiritual nature, and soon to the essence of morality.

H says – “How do you determine what is the right thing to do?”
N – “Jesus taught us to LOVE God and LOVE our neighbor, and so He taught us to make every decision based on what is the Loving thing to do.”
H – “Every religion teaches we should love people, but isn’t that too relative? Isn’t there someone in charge to tell people how they should respond to important questions like abortion.”
N – “Jesus is our model. I believe His teachings can be practical for every situation in life. For example: we don’t believe in abortion since we are called to show LOVE to the little baby whose heart beats from the very first days.”

My friend continued to discuss with me how he comes from a Muslim culture. He is anything but atheist because he definitely believes in God, but he finds that he is not practicing because he doesn’t feel like Islam responds with practical applications for everyday life. I sent my friend an invitation to our next spiritual family dinner this coming Saturday, but he won’t be able to make it. He asked if we have a mailing list, so naturally he’ll receive future invitations. It was one of those magical conversations that leave you with the feeling that you have a new kindred spirit. I thank God for this friend and this bonding time together. Pray that he will find the peace in knowing that through Jesus we have oneness with God and practical applications that guide us in our everyday lives.

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