Winter has Arrived!

It’s freezing! Saturday was summer weather. Sunday was the first day of Fall (see the blog post).
And now this week it has been and will continue to be winter. Just like that. Three days transition from Summer to Winter. This year’s flu is predicted to be really bad. It’s a strain that knocks you out for over a month and it’s really contagious – they expect more people will catch it than normal. The flu shot comes out tomorrow. It’s really cheap and easy to get a vaccination, so I plan to go get one next week.

Everyone is walking the streets with big winter wool coats. Except for a couple friends of ours who were caught by surprise and haven’t bought their winter coats yet. I bet the stores have been rushed with shoppers today hurriedly picking out coats and scarves and hats and gloves and umbrellas. All necessary to survive a Parisian winter.

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