Jr. High Scavenger Hunt

Carole is the middle child of our teammates the Martins. Saturday we invited her friends to go on a scavengerhunt around town, and we invited our gospel choir friends to act out the characters along the way.

In the spirit of a “Who done it?” This time the mystery to be solved was “Where’s the Body?”
At each location they found a character from the Easter story and interviewed them to discover the truth about where Jesus’ body has been hidden.

Julien playing the part of Dr. Luke the disciple of Jesus. He proved to us that it was impossible for Jesus to have fainted or faked his death, Jesus really did die on the cross.

Céline and Amandine play the part of the Roman Guards. One tells the lie the Religious leaders paid them to tell, the other tells the truth – earthquake, bright light, angel – this body wasn’t stoolen by the disciples.

Claire Martin, the oldest Martin child, plays the part of Mary. Mary tells us that she saw Jesus, and that he changed her life.

Then we met Dennis Martin playing the part of Peter just after Jesus has prepared breakfast on the beach for him. Peter tells us that Jesus was a man of love, he demonstrated how to live a life full of love. Jesus forgave Peter, and he can forgive you too.

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