The Pilgrim’s Fountain House

This is the Pilgrim’s Fountain a Christian run welcome center where pilgrims of all faiths can stop for refreshment, a home cooked dinner, and a real mattress to rest their weary bodies.

During the hike we saw long tailed butterflies reminding us of the transformed life we find in Christ. We also saw dirt roads, straw roofed houses, cows, goats, sheep, and chickens, plus one house where they welcomed their prize beef cow into their living quarters and slept under the same roof.

Here’s the cute little man who lives with his even tinier wife and their beef cow in a one-room stone house.

At the Pilgrim’s Fountain we offer hot coffee, cold water, and the book of John to all passers-by, and we charge nothing for the services we provide not even dinner or a bed.

Each night the house views the Jesus film with it’s guests.

Cédric joined us for this week and thrived in a Christian environment where God revealed before his eyes an evident difference between the spirit of Believers an that of others including himself. He is a super hard worker, and was much appreciated (and frequently complimented) by everyone in the house.

The staff gathered each day for a meditation time together, hearing from the word, reflecting on it’s truth, discussing practical applications over a nice tea, and prayer.

Rob challenged Cédric to ask God directly to reveal to Cédric why he personally needs Jesus in his life. We pray that all of his abstract knowledge of who God is would be transformed into a relavant intelligent application that turns his life upside down. (or right side up depending on how you see it:)

We had hundreds of conversations with seekers who are on a spiritual journey as well as a physical one. Some say this is the best place in all of Europe to talk about Jesus, because so many people who are looking for a life-changing experience walk this pilgrimage. Thank you for your prayers and support that have made this ministry possible.

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