Highlights of Parisian Cafés

We just enjoyed our 30th Parisian Café this summer. These quaint times of laughter and discussion around coffee have proved to be a valuable opportunity to get reacquainted with our church families around the area. It was fun to share our photo album with you and tell countless stories of Parisian young adults who are making steps towards Jesus, and our growing spiritual family that we enjoy so much.

Let’s see … memorable occasions include :
One cute little log cabin that went to great lengths to make you feel like you were entering a café; complete with table decorations and today’s menu – a wooden framed plaque posted on the front door.

Fond memories of each of our Parents hosting their own cafés, and tears in the eyes of family and friends as they encountered our hearts for Paris in a whole new way.

Laughter – as one church nearly thought us scandalous for suggesting we serve the food before the formal opening and prayer!!! Thank you pastor for jumping in and praying just in time to save our reputation.

Churches that expected 15 guests and 50 showed up!

Hearing stories of how our humble newsletters have worked as a bridge into the lives of co-workers of our supporters, as they share our stories of culture-shock and God uses that to open hearts to hearing the gospel in schools and relationships across the country.

Several young adults classes where NOBODY drinks coffee!!! I guess we’re not the coffee-house generation at all. Maybe Starbucks should market themselves as a muffin-house! hee, hee.

Finally meeting wonderful people we have corresponded with over e-mail now face-to-face!

By far the most elaborate café, boasting eight French dishes made from scratch, was a candle-lit out-door affair complete with little round tables, hand-made flower arrangements and candles, plus the host invited a VIOLINIST! to wander and play to set the mood, and … it gets better … nearly a dozen youth group girls volunteered to play dress-up as french waitresses and serve the hors-d’oeuvres. The guests were instructed upon arriving to please tip the violinist and the waitresses generously as all tips would be donated to Plaster Support! Can you say creative?! I wish I had thought of this stuff.

Today we are in need of $6300 annual support. This can be met by 11 people pledging $50 a month. There are still some matching funds left to be claimed so get in now while your dollars will be doubled!

New Orleans
Everyone is feeling a little depressed while watching the after-math of the Katrina’s Fury. We are likewise feeling that we wish there was something we could do to help, really help. I was excited to hear our churches are offering a way to send aid directly and you can even do that online. So if you want to send your gift through our churches where aid will be offered in the name of Jesus just go to this website and click disaster relief. GBNAM Relief

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