Mayor’s Office and Kid’s Outings

The mayor’s office is lighted like the French flag tonight. This formal expression of patriotism has replaced the candles in the windows, snif. My candle is still lit.


We haven’t had any play dates canceled. The kids still need their outings to run and play. Today our play date took us on a walk around the lake and some fun jumping in the leaves. Big thanks to all mommies, hang in there.


Our two closest neighbor mommies are school teachers. It has been particularly exhausting for teachers who not only care for their families and loved ones but also are doubling up duty while pushing through their curriculum after leading post-trama discussions in every class session all day long. Some are managing classrooms of kids who are acting out, making jokes of the situation, and not taking studies seriously. Whether they lost dear ones or not, families are confronted on all sides with toxic messages. May we learn to circulate messages that build up and not tear down, a supernatural feat I know. “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Apostle Paul, Romans 12:21.


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