Live life to the fullest and make the most of every moment. Even on the plane.

Show up rested and ready to entertain. Gone are the days when you could pull an all nighter packing and planning on sleeping on the plane. In order to be calm and entertained your toddler will be counting on you to set the example.

Anywhere and everywhere. While navigating the airport seize every moment to run around, climb, and do a silly dance.


Stuff your purse with activities to unwrap one at a time. This saved the day when my baby kept tugging at the forms I was filling out at check in. Instead I redirected her to tug at the diaper bag and she pulled out a gift, unwrapped it and began playing with her new dolly while I steadily completed the check in process.


Talk about the world around you. Explain how the plane works. Greet the other passengers, and their dogs…


Be generous
Give a box of chocolates to your purser.


Pipe cleaner
Start collecting quiet and clean activity ideas that are truly fun.

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