Cupcake’s Christmas List

What do you want for Christmas, little Cupcake?

“K, k, k, k, k …” (kick, kick, kick aka swimming.)

“Argh!” (a pirate ship.)

“tweet, tweet, tweet” (and a parrot.)

“b.” (and a book to read on your lap.)

“mmmaaaahhh” with a nuzzle (and a hug.)

Wow look a pool that is a pirate ship and it even has a slide!

This inflatable was marketed as a cooler but Cupcake would be pushing her dolls around the house in it and crawling in and out herself.

“No honey, there’s no way we’re paying $400 for your pirate ship, Daddy will find you a cheaper one…” sigh.
pirate ship

A book about pirates.

How about some toddler safe nail polish so I can paint your nails while you’re reading the book on my lap? Found at any Walmart store, the brand : Piggy Paint. The colors : Forever Fancy Pink, Sometimes Sweet Red, Organic Polish Remover, and Glow In The Dark! How cool is that?
piggy paint gift set

And for your two naked baby dolls? Don’t they deserve a present too? Let’s pick out some nice dresses and winter hats and scarves so they stay warm. Or let’s go crazy and get them nurses’ accessories and a frozen to dress to match yours, won’t that be fun?

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