We’ve been playing the potty game since Cupcake was eight months old. If we catch her going or needing to go, we hop on the potty to sing songs and read books.

Shortly after Easter my sister and I were discussing this delightfully hilarious piggy-jelly bean dispenser that our Grandma sent the kids. She exclaimed, that will be a great potty training tool. I reflected, “Oh no, I already packed it away with the Easter stuff. And we can’t get jelly beans the rest of the year.” I just assumed it’s service would be short lived. Then she thought of the perfect solution … chocolate chips. Which we also can’t get here, but happened to have around. The generic ones get stuck and don’t want to come out of the machine so in a great feat of sacrificial love Cupcake gets Ghirardelli chocolate morsels that someone generously sent us. Only the best for Cupcake.

Her favorite potty reward is chocolate turds. They look so adorable, as you can imagine plopping out of the hind end of this little pink piggy.

Her favorite potty song is “The wheels on the bus.” Unashamedly a direct influence of the series Parenthood.

Her favorite potty book is “Who Eats Whom.” A lift-the-flap book of course 😉

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