Fast Food Picnic


Because …

“The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley.” – Robert Burns

S here’s the story. We had a gorgeous cultural outing planned with friends. We were going to take our toddlers to a Congolese restaurant for some Muamba Chicken. But arriving in front of the restaurant, we found the door locked and the windows dark. And of course our first reaction was like, no problem, it’s Africa, it’s worth the wait. 😉 We made a few calls to the restaurant but no one answered. So… after an hour of wondering up and down the sidewalks keeping the toddlers out of trouble we stumbled into an African grocery. I figured it was pretty unlikely that two African store keepers on the same block wouldn’t know each other so we bought some fresh imported peanuts packed in a wine bottle with no labeling of any kind, and inquired with the men congregating on the sidewalk. They assured us the restaurant was indeed open at that very moment. Just as surprised as we were by the complete absence of their neighbor, they then proceeded to hunt down the restaurant owner for us only to confirm that he would not be opening that afternoon.

A week later we ordered dinner to go and got a chance to enjoy this specialty, but the kids were hungry and so were we and there was a lovely park across the street calling our name. So while Cupcake played with her friend at the park, Rob picked up fast food to save the day. A great time was had by all, and the kids never knew the difference 😉



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