Cupcake’s first new year’s party

Normally I would plan a big party, invite twenty people, fill the house and party until midnight. But since the arrival of our little cupcake I assumed I should take it easy, put my baby to bed, enjoy a romantic but quiet meal at home and go to bed at the strike of midnight.

A week ago a friend from the coffee shop asked us if we were doing anything, and so I happily told my idea of an ideal new year’s celebration: staying home to appreciate one last night in the twinkle of the Christmas tree, enjoying a long drawn out raclette meal, toasting the new year, playing games until I crash, and laughing as much as possible. It must have sounded like fun because the next thing I know she’s asking if we can plan something together, and could she invite friends.

Almost immediately my phone starts ringing off the hook. Friends from church have heard about our party and they want to know if we can organize something together and could they invite friends from church. SOooo, that’s how I ended up hosting eight people for dinner and by midnight a gang of thirteen were pushing the furniture aside for a boisterous game of charades.

I got a gourmet cheese meal that I love, a midnight kiss from my sweetheart, and a gorgeous family photo.

I love taking my baby everywhere I go and incorporating her into my life’s events. Don’t stop living just because you have kids. Of course the burst of noise makers woke her up, but our friends loved passing her around and playing with her. Everyone was jealous of her “waiting for midnight” pyjamas. What’s one night of interrupted sleep? She’ll get over it. Kid’s are resilient.

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