Cupcake’s Story

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33 weeks !

I just got a cupcake themed package in the mail this morning! It’s adorable!!! All the burp cloths with cupcakes and OH MY the Carter’s outfit!!! “Mommy’s little cupcake” All wrapped up with such care and attention. Oh, and the personalized card did not go unnoticed!!! It’s the inspiration of this email….

Surrounded by the cupcake theme, Rob was like, “Who was the first person to call her cupcake?” I was like, “I’m pretty sure you were.” I remember the process exactly. We were reading updates as she grew, and called her sweet pea for a week because she was the size of a pea, then olive, then grape, then kumquat. I liked kumquat as a term of endearment and even sent an email out to the family, “Kumquat likes to dance!” That was the 4th of October, but kumquat never stuck. Probably because you’d be hard-pressed to find a onesie with a kumquat on it. Then on October 11th, only a week later, the doctor told us we better get girl’s name’s ready, because it wasn’t looking like a boy, and that changed everything… Fig, the next week’s fruit comparison, was thrown out completely in favor of a cuter more feminine nickname, Cupcake. One month later another ultrasound would truly confirm the gender, but cupcake stood the test of time. Friends and family found it easy to get swept up in the cupcake theme. Cards, clothes and cookie-cutters started arriving in the mail. And she’s just been cupcake ever since.

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