Road Trip 2011

Hooray!!! The Plasters of Paris are coming your way!

Our travel schedule is filling up quickly, so contact us today if you would like to do dinner or plan a gathering in your area.

April 21 Thursday Fly to Columbus
April 24 Sunday Travel to Winona
April 25 Monday IMC
April 26 Tuesday
April 27 Wednesday PM Prayer Goshen
April 28 Thursday
April 29 Friday
April 30 Saturday morning Parisian Café Goshen
May 1 Sunday morning Breakfast Warsaw
May 2 Monday Travel to Columbus
May 3 Tuesday morning Parisian Café MOPS
May 4 Wednesday  evening Parisian Café Millersburg
May 5 Thursday
May 6 Friday Parisian Café Capital Grace
May  7 Saturday morning Parisian Café Columbus
May  8 Sunday morning Services Wooster
May 9 Monday
May 10 Tuesday evening Women of Grace Columbus
May 11 Wednesday Westerville
May 12 Thursday evening Service Four 14
May 13 Friday
May 14 Saturday evening Service Akron/Bath
May 15 Sunday morning Services Akron/Bath
May 16 Monday Home Groups Akron/Bath
May 17 Tuesday Home Groups Akron/Bath
May 18 Wednesday Home Groups Akron/Bath
May 19 Thursday Home Groups Akron/Bath
May 20 Friday Home Groups Akron/Bath
May 21 Saturday Parisian Café Akron/Bath
May 22 Sunday AM & PM service and ice cream party Canton
May 23 Monday
May 24 Tuesday Malvern
May 25 Wednesday
May 26 Thursday Ben Bates’ Group Akron
May 27 Friday
May 28 Saturday Parisian Café Ellet
May 29 Sunday morning Service Ellet
May 30 Monday Travel to Kitanning
May 31 Tuesday
June 1 Wednesday
June 2 Thursday
June 3 Friday
June 4 Saturday morning Parisian Café Harvest 
June 5 Sunday morning Breakfast Pike
Sunday evening Parisian Café Armagh??
June 6 Monday
June 7 Tuesday
June 8 Wednesday Parisian Café Liberty
June 9 Thursday                        
Jun 10 Friday
Jun 11 Saturday Groton, NY
Jun 12 Sunday Services Myerstown
Jun 13 Monday Carlisle
Jun 14 Tuesday Travel to Kittanning
Jun 15 Wednesday
Jun 16 Thursday
Jun 17 evening  Parisian  Café Leamersville
Jun 18 Saturday Father’s Day Kittanning
Jun 19 Sunday morning Breakfast Uniontown
Jun 20 Monday
Jun 21 Tuesday
Jun 22 Wednesday
Jun 23 Thursday
Jun 24 Friday
Jun 25 Saturday
Jun 26 Sunday Services Martinsburg
Jun 27 Morning
Jun 28 Tuesday Travel to Columbus
Jun 29 Wednesday
Jun 30 Thursday Fly to Paris
July 1 Friday Arrive in Paris

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