Necessity is the Mother of Invention – Bacon Cheeseburger Quiche

Our fall activities were picking back up and the Saturday brunch was just days away. I did all of my grocery shopping in advance and I was ready to start baking. Big giant mixing bowl, apron, and quiche pans are ready… let’s go!

The first quiche was gorgeous! I always line my pans with parchment paper before I lay out the salty pie crust. I layered large chunks of a nice cantal cheese followed by spinach broken into manageable bits and finally a handfull of sun-dried tomatoes which I chop with scissors to achieve maximum coverage. I poured my quiche mixture over all of that and popped it into the oven, and it came out fluffy and golden!

My second quiche, on the other hand, was almost a complete disaster. I already had the tombe cheese cut into cubes and rolling around on the pie crust when I pulled out the pepperoni that I was planning to use. On second thought, it smelled pretty bad and had most definitely turned. Don’t panic. Don’t panic. Look around. Surely there is something around the house that could go into this quiche? But what?

The freezer! I love the freezer. I always find lots of interesting things in there…like… canadian bacon. YES! Jackpot!!! We have canadian bacon. I grab the whole package and chop the frozen deli meat with my kitchen shears directly onto the pie shell. What next… In a moment of insanity I grabbed a bag of frozen chopped onion and poured it into the pie crust as well, immediately regretting this rash action. Oh No! What have I done? This is going to be the worst quiche ever, with raw onions all through it! Yuck.

You should have seen me spinning around in circles in the kitchen checking the cupboards and checking them twice in desperation. (When I’m cooking it never occurs to me to walk across the street and buy more chorizo – my substitute pepperoni)

Back to the freezer. Bottom shelf. Something caught my eye… ground beef. It’s really untraditional, but hey, why not? And the cheeseburger quiche was born. I fried some ground beef, sprinkled it over the cheese. The next moment I had a handful of sun-dried tomatoes in my hand and was scissor-chopping on top. One bowl of quiche mixture went over the whole thing and soon it was out of the oven goey-golden-goodness!

This is now our family’s favorite quiche yet! Why didn’t France think of this sooner?

Bacon Cheeseburger Quiche


9 eggs
3/4 cup (20 cl) heavy whipping cream
1/4 cup (10 cl) milk

2 shavings of nutmeg
1 ready made crust
1 cheese of your choice
1/4 lb (100g) canadian bacon
1/4 lb (100g) raw onion
1/4 lb (100 g) cooked ground beef
1 handfull of sun-dried tomatoes
2 slices of American cheese
1 flat bottomed quiche or tart pan (you can substitue a 9 in round cake pan, but you won’t get the best results with a pie pan)

Whisk your eggs, cream, and milk. Rub the nutmeg with the edge of a sharp knife to create nutmeg powder over the mixing bowl.

Preheat your oven to 365°F (200°C).
Lay a sheet of parchment paper on your pan. Lay out your ready-made crust.
Layer cheese cubes, chunks of canadian bacon, slices of onion, ground beef, and sun-dried tomatoes.
Pour the quiche mixture over top.
Place in the oven until golden and firm in the middle.
Garnish with two slices of American cheese after it comes out of the oven.

Adapt this recipe for your next party or open-house by cutting the quiche into bit-sized cubes and serving on a tray with toothpicks! Or go all the way and make mini-quiches for a starter course at your next dinner party.

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