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Welcome back pilgrim travelers. You’re adventures have just begun, but before you get swept into the next leg of your journey take the time to build some monuments that will guide the way of future pilgrims along the way. Use the comments on this forum discussion to share all the great advice you learned along the way; thank those who taught you how to care for your feet and your soul; and leave detailed instructions that made all the difference in your journey so that those who follow in your footsteps may benefit from all that you have learned.

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  1. Feet advice:stop every hour or two, take off socks, let feet cool off/dry out (10 minutes or so). If your socks are damp, change them. I went through 3 pairs a day. Tape any hot spots on your feet, before you get blisters. Use powder or anti-friction cream. If you see a stream, cool off your feet in it, dry 'em off, and put your shoes back on. Heat and moisture cause the blisters. This worked for me – 2000+km along the st james way with only 1 minor blister.equipment advice:- use two, nice modern walking sticks. I'm completely sold on these.- if you're carrying a lot of weight, get a nice backpack, that fits well, not just what you happen to already have- hardware stores sell heavy-duty clothes pin type clips – great for holding stuff onto your backpack, keeping your raincoat from flapping, etc.- duct tape and safety pins are handy to have. You don't need a whole roll of tape – wrap a couple of yards around something in your pack (flashlight perhaps?) and you can take it off and use it when necessary.- a little electric water kettle makes you instant friends with everyone at the hostels if you're hiking during even slightly cool weather (or if you have cool mornings even)

  2. *Amazing Underwear*It was day five. Nothing went according to plan. We dried and packed the tents and headed to the next city where we met an old friend, toured his pilgrim hostel, got caught up, and nurtured pilgrim community. But … since I was on kitchen duty and everything was running late, I had no choice but to go straight to the new camp site and kick dinner into gear with my awesome 'sous-chefs' who saved the day!On this day I was singing many praises …- of cars that started without a push-start.- of the sous-chef volunteers chopping large quantities of vegetables for our French stew!- my amazing hubby who did lots of chores for me so I could catch up my laundry!- And ExOfficio Underwear! You know, the one who's packaging boasts "17 countries. 6 weeks. One pair of underwear."It was dusk as dinner transitioned into our meditation time, and night had settled in when I was free to slip away into the showers. That night I just jumped right into the shower with my clothes on and a bottle of laundry detergent. I came out squeaky clean and my clothes smelled great. I don't recommend laundry detergent as a shampoo agent ;)Here's what you do :- Buy ExOfficio underwear at your local REI or online at their site.- Wash your underwear in the shower with liquid detergent (not wearing them please), rinse, wring dry.- After drying yourself, wrap your ExOfficio up in your fast drying micro-fiber towel, twist, twist, twist. Then put on your dry undergarments!!!- ExOfficio gear protects you from stains, water, wrinkles, wind, insects, bacteria, harmful rays and overheating.http://www.exofficio.com/product_results.aspx?page=LIST&free_text|direct404=give-n-go

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