• Live Simply
  • Say no to bulky furniture
  • Fall in love with space optimization, make it your new hobby
  • Don’t stay in your appartement at night, go where the people are
  • Eat what the natives eat, sleep like they sleep, play like they play
  • Know your stress busters, USE your stress busters
  • Set smart limits
  • Your home needs to be a refuge from the storm
  • Spend time with your target group
  • Give generous amounts of time to priorities
  • Say NO
  • Love
  • Family time is sacred
  • Get out of the city from time to time
  • Shop like your neighbors, every neighborhood functions differently
  • Stay faithful to your personal sense of justice, do community service
  • Practice “l’art de vivre,” make living well an art
  • Read large quantities of scriptures
  • Church exists first in your dream
  • Cast a vision of what it will be even while it is still developing
  • Plan more ministry than you can handle
    • Half of the events will be canceled anyway
    • Those events that do happen will be attended only 1/2 of the time by 1/2 of the people
  • Cooperation, ministry exchange and prayer with others
  • Legitimacy is built through networking
  • Work toward reaching critical mass
  • Live spiritual family wherever you’re at, with whomever you have
  • Live on the same block as your core group and team, or at least close enough to drop by and borrow a cup of flour
  • The most effective church building strategy is to personally live a good life – 1 Peter 2-3
  • Transience is a reality. Have a plan. Deal with it.
  • You may save money living further away, but you will pay the price with your time and emotions if you have a long commute. Travel time is just as emotionally draining as work. Plan to do less.
  • The purpose of intellectual debate in society is to attack, promote cynicism, cut down, and pulverize the opponent. Don’t waste time. Preach Jesus.
  • The Space-Time Continuum – Public space is everyone’s private space. Everything is available at all hours, nobody has any time to get together.

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