Volcano Side Effects

“I’m so glad our church supports this ministry, I never thought I would need your services!” – Sharon
“I saw a side of Paris today that the bus tour never took us to.” – Tim
“I knew something was different when my parents burst into the hotel room full of energy and smiles. I haven’t seen them this happy in days.” – Eileen
“The latin quarter is a completely different experience from where our hotel was, it’s like a completely different city and they don’t hate Americans.” – Nancy
“You wouldn’t believe today started in tears would you?” – comment made as we were rolling on the ground laughing at a quaint cafĂ© sipping coffee and enjoying French pastries
We have suggested nice places to eat, tracked down the illusive cream-puff, taken a virtual tour from the heights of the rooftops, help out with laundry needs, and even let some stranded friends sleep on our couch. I’ve got to get myself some more guest linens. 😉
And talking to our servers at the restaurant put things in perspective as we discovered some people are worse off than we are. Our server asked us to pray for his brother, trapped in Algeria, faced with an impossible situation, basically if he doesn’t make it back by Monday someone else will get his job!
“It’s an absolute crisis and people are responding in panic. There are fewer casualties than 9/11, but it has impacted absolutely everyone, and will change the way we view travel.”

“I am learning that I am a better/happier person if I simply submit to the fact that I am not in control, God is in control, and he wants me to remember I’m not the boss.” – Sharon

So, being stuck isn’t the end of the world, if you accept your fate and continue to live rejoicing in Jesus.

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