Spreading Christmas Cheer

We’ve been baking cookies for a month. And tonight we invited just a handful of musical friends to join us in serenading our neighbors with Christmas carols and gave each of them a plate of homemade cookies.
At the butcher’s shop they are very festive so we decided to start with them. They were already wearing santa hats to match their red aprons!

Then we visited the pharmacy, the flower shop, the delicatessen, the bakery, the hotel, and then …
We ran into our friend on the street so he joined us for the Christmas caroling fun !!! He asked where we got this wacky idea. No one does this it’s really odd, but kinda fun. We should do it again. Then we continued our Christmas caroling at a café, a law office, and a restaurant…
We’re making lots of friends. One guy tipped us 20 bucks, one guy offered us free dessert, one of the singers we recruited paid for our dinner, and one guy invited us back to his apartment to warm up at the end of the night. We had a blast spreading Christmas cheer!

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