PROJECT : pilgrimage portal

Tonight we celebrated the completion of a project inspired by Nichole’s imagination and made possible by the magic of Rob’s computer knowledge.

A few months ago we said good bye to our new friends we met during the pilgrimage in Spain. We promised to keep in touch, plan a reunion during the year, and come back next year and hike together in 2008. But we also promised to swap photos, and we hoped that the internet would provide a place to store a photo scrapbook of everyone’s best Kodak moments.

A friend from church helped write the text in beautiful French, Rob invested a bit of time finding me a way to make my own commercial online for free, and I built a website around it called a portal. It’s a miniature website that serves one purpose: that our little slide show commercial can be playing online all the time. Now we can send the slide show to our friends and plus when we want to recruit pilgrims we can send them to the site for info and photos! YEah!

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