God’s WiFi

Over dinner last night Kevin was teaching us that God is everywhere, all around us, all the time. But there are certain places that are “holy” set apart, where it is easier to connect to God’s energy because there are fewer distractions. “Like WiFi,” Nichole suggested, “God’s energy is everywhere, free, 24/7 and all we have to do is connect to him.” Sometimes we are too busy connecting to everything else in the world, so this “groupe de prière” is an opportunity to get away and connect to God and spiritual family.

Everyone who joined us for dinner around the table last night offered something important and profound to the conversation. Sweet times like these always leave me with a desire for more. I hope our friends share the same thirst, I would love to do this more often, perhaps every week.

Our friends from the Quest will recognize a little tradition I brought back this year. Each person lit a candle when they arrived.

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