Words and Music adapted by
the Martin family for Rob’s birthday 2007

I’ve got an apartment on the left bank
The rent is really high
And I love to hear the honk of horns
And watch the tourists go by
And lately I’ve been taking stock
Of all that I’ve been through
Oh next Tuesday is my birthday
Feels funny but it’s true
I’m turning thirty

Now I’ve got a wife who really loves me
She makes my life so sweet
And there’s Vladimir & Dimitri
Who came from across the street
And my world is very different
From all those American years
But if I had the chance to go back
I’d rather stay right here
Turning thirty, I’m turning thirty

And I have friends that care about me
They’re the best I’ve ever had
And they always stood behind me
Whenever times got bad
And I love to sing gospel music
And hang around the choir awhile
And every time we walk on stage
I make a goofy smile
Turning thirty

Now thirty ain’t like fifteen
And it’s not like twenty-five
My feet are often achy
When I walk those Spanish miles
But I’ve still got my energy
And there’s no gray in my hair
And I’m not too old to play PS2
And I’m not really scared
Of turning thirty

The days ahead, they look like tough times
The world is turning sour
So I’ll keep on serving Jesus
And await the final hour
And though I’ve often failed Him
In these thirty rocky years
His mercy brought me this far
And His love has dried my tears
I’m turning thirty
I’ll treasure these years
I’m turning thirty
And that’s alright
I’m turning thirty
I’m turning thirty

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