Playing Games

One thing we thoroughly enjoy while being in the United States is getting together with family and playing games. Now it is not like playing UNO with Cedric in Paris (6 hours on a Saturday! It is lots of fun, seriously) but we do have tons of enjoyment. We got to play ROOK with my Aunt Dorothy (Dottie for others) and Uncle Don before doing a Parisian Café in Johnstown,PA. We both have family who are big time card game players and my aunt and uncle are no exception. It is important to find things to help you unwind while you are doing 4-5 speaking events a week.

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  1. i love to play games! rook, holy cow, i don’t think i’ve played that game in ages.. sadly we’re going to miss you guys when you get to johnstown. bummer it would’ve been fun!

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