Tropical Paris

Welcome to Tropical Paris!!!

The past two weeks have been hot and sunny here. I am avoiding the metro as often as possible, choosing busses instead that are air-conditioned. In homes and museums air-conditioning is not catching on in France. Parisians choose to open their windows and let in the fresh air rather than invest in air-conditioning that is known to lead to illnesses. It gets up to 80 most days and sometimes a scorching 90! I’m not crazy about the 90 degree weather, that usually means our 5th floor apartment starts warming up about 5pm and will still be registering a steamy 80 degrees around midnight. So when we leave the house in the morning, we also try to stay out all day rather than coming back just to walk up 102 steps and enter the sauna where we live. This habit of staying outside all day is great for hanging out with people, but not so great for the pocketbook 🙂 Especially this month – today begins a complete month of sales like America experiences between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The warm weather mixed with the long days brings young adults out into the streets. We have daylight until 10pm so the streets below are quite noisy until 2am. So if you think about it, pray that we get some sleep depite the craziness below.

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