Allez Les Bleus!

Imagine a month of Superbowls. So big that the entire world is watching and competing. And you live in the the city whose team will be playing the returning champions this Saturday July 1st! Of course the game is not American Football, but it is what the rest of the world refers to as FOOTBALL (including England). Yes that’s right, last night after a super exciting game France moved ahead and will be playing against the infamous team of Brasil (Brazil) this very Saturday. Every game (especially those France plays in) is a good excuse to throw a true party in the spirit of the “Superbowl”. We’ve hosted one others in the Spiritual Family have welcomed us into their homes, and yet others have organized gatherings in restaurants and cafes around town where they have set up “big screen” systems and which are guaranteed to offer a great ambiance and frequent cheering.

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