Photos of my Jewelry Workshop

Recently in my weekly prayer meeting Holly challenged me to use an arts and crafts workshop to let my unsaved friends rub shoulders with other Christians. I immediately thought of Debbie Hocking, who works at the Chateau and also makes professional quality jewelry in her spare time. She already has tools and supplies, so I invited her to come to Paris and facilitate a make-your own jewelry workshop at my place, just in time for the holidays. Here are some of the ladies that came to make jewelry…
(photos coming soon)

Debbie posing with Céline, first time singer in the gospel choir. She, Amandine and I are inseparable.

Julia, my neighbor from downstairs, who I met changing lightbulbs in the hallway, plus she brought a friend.

Dawn, my neighbor a couple blocks down, who’s husband works at the Christian Book Store, and who also brought a friend.

Several members of our Spiritual Family were present: Marlène, Sonia, Holly, Catey, Mathilde.

1 thought on “Photos of my Jewelry Workshop

  1. great idea…i hope you both are doing well…happy new year…i remember where I was one year your apt for the party and then watching fireworks from the bridge…so fun! great memories. make some good ones this year too;o)

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