Cinema Conversations

A couple days ago we got an invitiation to see a movie with Sonia, one of the believers in our group. Two of her unsaved friends were going to be there and though we would have enjoyed the movie with her alone we were thrilled at this opportunity as it is the first chance to rub shoulders with some of the people she hangs around and prays for. I knew the film they chose would bring up lots of topics about life, death, and life after death. Very serious topics, I thought. Then, surprisingly, after the film, the discussions were all about filmmaking, and styles, and originality. (only true artists would overlook the obvious, right?) So as it turns out one of the guys is our neighbor, just one block away! And he proposed we all walk home together. Then as soon as we were away from the rest of the group, he proceded to ask us what we do in Paris. Then he asked where, and how, and when. We dropped lots of “teaser” comments about reading through the Bible with young adults who have never had a chance to hear the stories, and letting people decide for themselves whether they believe it or not. He was all ears. We didn’t even realise just HOW interested he was until the following day when he nearly apologized to Sonia because in retrospect he thought he may have been too pushy. LOL We haven’t seen him since, but we see Sonia all the time. We would love a chance to hang out with him again and propose to read through a book of the Bible together. Pray for Christophe.

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  1. that’s so exciting…i love hearing the personal stories. movies are such a great tool. i will be praying for sonia and your opportunities. thanks for posting!

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