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Get close; get comfy; and get to the heart of the matter.

The Comfy Corner is a restorative way to avoid meltdowns and create an ongoing sense of peace within the home.

Enthusiastically suggest they treat themselves to a quick time-in to refresh, regroup, and rechargethemselves before the situation has any possibility of being associated with a punishment.

This variation of time-in has nothing to do with discipline. It’s a simple way to proactively stop a situation from spiraling out of control. The catch? The children and the parents need to participate, openly and completely.

Create a space.  I have a big comfy armchair.  Breathe.  Hug.  Sing.  Read.  Or even take a walk.  Whatever you do, do it together.  Lead by example as you distract and disconnect with the bad vibes.


En Français j’ai trouvé 28 techniques d’intervention qui ne sont pas que des punitions :


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