6 Months !!!

6 Months !!!

I’m 28 weeks pregnant, that’s officially 6 months! and now the bureaucracy really begins.

When I first find out I was pregnant there was paperwork to fill out. I had to declare it with social security but not before registering with my chosen birthing clinic. Women who want a reputed clinic or hospital call to reserve a room when they’re just one day late. In Paris if you wait until you’re 4 days late to call, the reservations will already be full! But that was nothing compared to this.

So now at the 6 month point everything will be covered one hundred percent from this point on, Yipee! Baby Cupcake already has her very own human rights, and here that means the right to full medical coverage. We took a trip to the neighborhood clinical pathology laboratory for a six month blood test, stopped at the pharmacy to update my insurance/social security card. Emailed the clinic to get the schedule for the upcoming birthing classes. Dropped by the mayor’s office to pre-inscrire the birth with a variety of neighborhood children’s associations and services.

At the mayor’s office they told me that in order to pre-sign up for the best schools and sitter services I should stop by the “creche” across the street right away. All excited, I walk up to the door and ring the bell. “Sorry we don’t take walk-ins, you’ll need an appointment by telephone.” Curious. So a phone call is on the to do list for next week.

Still this week I have an appointment with my mid-wife. Paperwork to file. A coffee meeting to plan my baby-shower. And a birthing class to attend.

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