Cinema Festival


I love our neighborhood. Paris is divided into 20 neighborhoods. There is a main town hall, Hotel de Ville, where the mayor of Paris works. There is also a town hall for each neighborhood where the mayor of that zipcode works. They opened up our neighborhood town hall, that looks like a palace, for an independent film festival: short films in digital format. The films were great, the mingling over drinks equally charming.

What are short films discussing these days?

My Slice Of Happiness – a documentary of a father who wants custody of his daughter. He’s arrested for taking her to the beach.

LifEver – a futuristic film about a service that keeps your loved one’s brains alive allowing you to contact them by internet after death. The family decides to pull the plug so that they can move on.

The way of Vasco de Gama – a pseudo documentary where the very words of Vasco de Gama report on his discovery of Brazil, but only the modern life and culture are depicted in the video. “the people are scantily clad and wear feathers on their heads,” he says while video of this year’s carnival roll by, leading you to question weather anything has changed.

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