Happy Birthday To Me !!!

For our tenth anniversary our friends bought us a gift certificate to a fancy restaurant.
So for my birthday dinner we used the free gift certificate as an excuse to get dressed up.

You know it’s a nice restaurant when they have real cloth tablecloths and real cloth napkins.

Bread and butter and puffed pastry baked with cheese awaited us at our table.
In France they set the table with the fork to the left, the knife to the right, and the spoon above your plate.
Rich people set their forks upside-down so their guests see the brand name and silver quantity.

We lived it up with a starter dish and a main dish and a dessert.

Salade de saint Jacques d’Erquy, poussés d’épinards et suprêmes d’agrumes
I got the scallop salad with grapefruit, orange, and pomegranate.
Rob got the fois gras de canard, chutney de poires

Magret de canard rôti aux chasselas et purée
We both got the duck in white grape sauce with homemade mashed potatoes
For dessert I got a crumble made with quince.

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