Cheesecake – Better Than Cookies!

Cookies have always had a magical effect in Paris – seducing everyone who tries them! This weekend we discovered Cheesecake makes an even bigger impact!!!

Cheesecake for me has always been a dessert reserved for big important celebrations, like weddings. So when my friend asked me to bake cheesecake for her baptism, I jumped at the occasion.

I started baking on Wednesday and when friday rolled around I ran into two problems, and I had to call upon the kindness of my neighbors to pull me out of a pinch.

First the power went out and I couldn’t boil my milk to make more cheese. So Rob visited all of our neighborhood friends to see who might have electricity – nobody did. But one neighbor has a restaurant with a gas stovetop that saved our day.

Later, I realized I was short a half a cup of sugar! Again, Rob started down the street and the first neighbor he found lent us a bit of sugar to finish the last cheesecake. phew!

Of course then we had to share our cheesecakes with the lovely neighbors that helped us out so generously! And, now I feel like a rock-star when I walk down the street and neighbors continue to shower complements on me about the amazing cheesecakes we thanked them with!

Check out Nichole’s Cheesecake recipe here.
More photos will be coming, here are just a few to wet your appetite …

Classic New York Style Cheesecake

Chocolate Cheesecake

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