5 Kilo Backpack

How To Pack A Five Kilo Backpack

35 L Backpack
1050 g – 37 oz

Ultra-light Sleeping Bag
567 g – 20 oz

Sleeping Pad
620 g – 22 oz

LED Lantern
250 g – 8.82 oz

1 X-tra pair of Anti-Blister Socks
50 g – 1.76 oz

Toilet Paper
130 g – 4.6 oz

Crumple Hat — SPF 50 + insect repellent
40 g – 1.4 oz

Jacket — Waterproof outside, Fleece inside
397 g – 14 oz

Long Sleeve Shirt — Wicking + Quick Dry

a thin layer for cool evenings and mornings that also doubles as sleepwear
238 g – 8.4 oz

Long legging — fleece lined

keeps your ankles covered through tall grass and bugs around camp and also doubles as sleepwear


Toiletries Bag
750 g – 26.5 oz

Packing light toiletries is essential.

Keep it Simple.

Here’s what you’ll find in Nichole’s ultra light bag :

Zippered Cosmetic Bag – Travel Sized Toothbrush – Travel Sized Toothpaste – Micro-Fiber Towel (65 grams – 2.3 oz) – Mini Bottle of Foot Cream – Mini Nail Clippers – Blister Bandaids – Needle and Thread – Sleep Mask – Ear Plugs – Tin Soap Dish (Including: A Slice of My Regular Bar of Soap, A Slice of Solid Shampoo, A Slice of Facial Soap, A Slice of Laundry Soap) – Shower Flip Flops – Mini Sunscreen – And a Suction Cup Shower Hook (to hang my toiletries bag and clothes where there are no hooks)

Congratulations! This backpack weighs in at just over 4 kilos!

Thus leaving you plenty of room (876 g) to pack your sketchbook, pencil, Bible, and snacks.

The rest, my dear friend, you simply wear …
Hiking Pants – Ultra Light + Quick Dry

Short Sleeved Shirt — Ultra Light + Wicking + Quick Dry
Light Hiking Shoes (Choose Cross-Trainers Over Boot)
Anti-Blister Socks
ExOfficio Undergarment — Wicking + Quick Dry
Rash Guard Spandex Layer (guys)
ExOfficio Camisole (gals)
Trekking Sticks (2)

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