Mikaël & Valery

Ahh! The bittersweet joy of sending out workers into the harvest field. We love Mikaël & Valery soo much it’s been hard to say goodbye, even if it’s for a worthy cause like planting a church three hours from Paris. And it’s doubly great to be reunited for a couple hours every few months or so for prayer and resource sharing. We had the privilege of sharing from our Bible fund and empower them to distribute free Bibles to families who don’t have one in their neighborhood.

Thus the ministry of spreading the Good News like a precious gift continues to grow and expand in this dark country.

We miss Mikaël living in Paris, and their gracious hospitality as they hosted so many events: Bible clubs, home groups, worship nights, and plenty of spiritual family dinners! It’s been a unique joy to watch Rob activate his natural shepherding skills. Rob calls Mikaël every month and has been discipling him through the transition and develpement of their young ministry. Simultaneously, Mikaël spurs Rob & I to be bold faith sharers. And, that’s how iron sharpens iron.

Sunday Mikaël & Valery brought their toddler, Abby, over for Sunday dinner. On the menu, vegetables and dip as a starter featuring our very own home grown cherry tomatoes. Then for the main course zucchini omelettes made with fresh laid eggs from that morning and a giant zucchini from their garden. Wisk two eggs together while heating real butter in a small skillet on medium heat. When the butter crackles pour the beat eggs into the skillet, throw on a handful of shreaded zucchini and a fistful of shreaded cheese. Fold the omelette in half sizzle until all the runny parts are cooked. Serve with diced potatoes harvested that morning, seerred to perfection with some olive oil and Rosemary from the windowbox garden. Follw with Rob’s internationally famous cappuccinos and fresh baked chocolate chunk cookies.

Surprized at the presentation and the delightful combination of our two gardening experiences, Valery exclaims, “We must be rich! And we didn’t even know it!” God’s blessings are bountiful; in friendship, and in gardening!

Needless to say we had a splendid Sunday afternoon!

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