Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Most of us have this impression that there’s some magic ingredient in store-bought toilet bowl cleaner. Some mysterious ingredient so rare that only their product has it! Yet, so important that every household has bought the myth.
Then when it’s time to choose which brand to be faithful too, they start boasting about the new improved lemon scent, or the extra whitening power of the bleach, and the bottle in my cupboard actually brags about having baking soda! Not exactly the big, secret, hard to find items that you were imagining right?
The one thing they do have that is unique is the funny bottle with the duck neck spout. So when mine went empty, instead of sending it to the landfill and running to the store in a panic, I refilled it with everything it boasts.
Guess what! It works great!

1 cup water – to dissolve the baking soda
One half cup of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) – abrasive agent, neutralizes acids and break down proteins
One half cup lemon juice – antibacterial, antiseptic, cuts grease stains
Fill the rest of the way with bleach – kills bacteria, whitens stains

If you’re bold enough to live in a chemical free home, check out my Bleach-Free Toilet Bowl Scrub. Bleach is so overrated.

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