Waiting for Residency

So one day we finally received our temporary visitor card. The same day we need to call to schedule an appointment for the next interview. The interview is scheduled for Saint Patrick’s Day! Yeah!

We are weary of constantly living with the anxiety of one-year visas promising nothing other than monthly meetings and unending paperwork. Documents returned in the mail announcing we must start over, result in sleepless nights and extra days dedicated to paperwork rather than people.

When we show up for interviews we feel out of place among all of the new immigrants straight of the boat. “Do you speak French?” The receptionist asks disdainfully. Of course I speak French, I’ve been living in your country for over 6 years. I live here.

I feel French. France is home. Why don’t we have some kind of residency?

France doesn’t have a permanent residency card or green card. They do allow Americans to have double nationality (which is what all of our Colleagues have done now). So we’re thinking that might be the way to go. It would mean plenty of interviews and paperwork, but after 18 months we could never have another meeting again. That would be nice.

Here’s hoping and praying. The next step is still Saint Patrick’s Day. Think about us when you’re wearing green.

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