I Love Atheists

FREE BIBLE TABLES attract all sorts of people.

Today we had a very long conversation with a Muslim man. We told him he needed Jesus. He was convinced that Jesus is “just a prophet like Moses” but Nichole was already turning to Matthew 9 in one of our free Bibles, and our friend Guiles was already preaching truths about the TRUE story of Jesus. The conversation lasted a good half an hour. He refused to see that Jesus was God, even if the experts of the law in the story saw immediately that Jesus was blaspheming by claiming to forgive sins. The muslim insists and insists – repeating the same quote of the Koran over and over. His ears were blocked. He could not legitimately respond to any of our comments because he did not listen to our comments.

Then a few minutes after he left two Jehovah’s witnesses came up to the table. Guiles told them straight out that our beliefs were not the same. They took offense. But when he started talking their need for Jesus and forgiveness they started back at him. Everyone from these cults have memorized quotes that they just cite over and over until those with whom they are engaged eventually give up or go away. But we weren’t giving up or going away, so they eventually had to leave.

Meanwhile FORTY Bibles went home with university students today, just not to Muslims or Jehovah’s Witnesses. It’s ironic because if you read the Gospels with an Atheist they are convicted right away that Jesus is God. The Bible is very explicit. That doesn’t mean that the atheist chooses to surrender his life to Christ – that’s another story. But at least they come with a blank slate and can read the Bible with discerning eyes. Pray for illumination as the Holy Spirit speaks through his word.

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