Buttes Chaumont Parc

Hills, cliffs, streams and waterfalls … you won’t believe you’re in Paris!

This is our favorite park to picnic in. You’ll never be bothered by park rangers asking you to stay of the grass, this park is designed to be enjoyed. Its winding paths and varied terrain offer lots of great nooks for a private picnic. When my husband saw this post his first comment was, “You don’t have to tell everybody about our little secrets.” I think he’s jealous the park might get overrun if my readers flock there. So just visit one at a time, please. 😉

Island Cliffs
This park has the most fantastic scenery. They raise ducks on the lake, and there’s a floating ferry service too. You can order a crêpe at the little café down by the lake.
The park is located at the metro stop Buttes Chaumont on the ligne 7 bis. It lets you off at the top of the hill, where you can stroll through the winding slopes and lawns. There’s a bridge from the hill to this island cliff in the lake and it’s cute litte gazebo.

Natural Beauty!
Even if the city of Paris has cemented all of the boulders in place, the waterfall is for real. They just want to preserve it so you can run through it and get a little dirty.
Bring shoes that aren’t afraid of the dirt, in case you fancy leaving the paved paths in favor of the uncharted lawns and rocky terrain.
You’ll find an abandoned railway line, and plenty of chestnut trees just waiting to be ushered home and rosted over an open fire.

Breathtaking Views!
With the peaks and cliffs come amazing views of the city, notably an unobstructed view of sunshine and skyline.
And it’s all free! This park opens at dawn and closes at dusk all year round. Weather you bring your favorite Alexandre Dumas or a picnic basket full of goodies, this park has a calm and natural beauty that will make your visit a lifetime memory.

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