The plan was to finish our whirl-wind tour and take an over-due vacation to arrive back in Paris refreshed and ready to hit the ground running. At the end of vacation we were thrilled with how our plan was working out brilliantly. We slept on the plane, we got back to Paris with minimal luggage to unpack. And then we arrive at our darling apartment … ugh. I used to love this apartment, but today I’m ready to burn it down.

The ground floor entry way had flooded greeting us with a sopping-wet throw rug, “squish, squish.” There was not a single piece of furniture the cat hasn’t peed on. I couldn’t walk into the kitchen without getting nauseous from the smell. It was a disaster between clumps of food hanging on the walls, a crust of goo coating the floors, and the dishwasher that has apparently been broken for a month and thus transforming the once-snow-white racks into black furry mildew factories.

So much for rested and refreshed, I think I used up all my stocked up energy the very first day back cleaning the house. I told Rob, next time we leave for more than a week, we hire a maid to clean the day before we get back! 😉 I wish!

Well it wasn’t the smoothest transition, but we’re back and we’re catching up with people.

We have a team meeting Monday – that should be encouraging. It will set our priorities straight and shine the light on God.

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