Patrick Roger

Our neighborhood chocolate shop has won the award for the best chocolatier in France. Today I went to pick up some goodies for Christmas and the line was out the door. I’ve never seen so many people in this tiny little shop. The shop is named after the chocolatier who is only 39 but has been making chocolates for 23 years.

So while I was waiting in line, one gentleman in front of me started asking about their largest gift box. A variety of all of their chocolates in a box as big as a briefcase for only 290 euros. I was still choking on the 290 euros, trying to imagine how big a family would have to be to eat all of that chocolate in one Christmas season, while the gentleman quipped, “I’ll take 20.” The cashier didn’t flinch, she rang his order and told him he could pick up the boxes tomorrow! The things people spend money on.

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