Bible Table Comments…

One guy was so surprised that the Bibles at our table were actually free, he said, “Free, really free, well there must be a God!” This clever comment made in passing, helps encourage us that doing something out of the ordinary really can make people stop and think … and hopefuly read the Bible.

Another lady saw our sign ups for the missions trip to Brussels. She signed up immediately and gave testimony that she believes in God, she knows she’s not practicing her faith faithfuly, but today she realised that God is still orchestrating her life by bringing her across our paths. By following the news she felt convicted recently that, “Every group holds marches and awareness events, even the homosexuals,” she said, “But I think we as Christians need to do things too, so that’s why I want to go to Brussels with you, and then maybe we can do stuff like this in Paris too!” Bringing humanitarian relief to Paris is one of our goals in taking Parisians to Brussels. We hope they catch a vision and desire to do random acts of kindness in their own community after experiencing a week of service together.

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