New found Hobby

At the beginning and end of our time in Spain we were able to do something called Geocaching. For Some who know French the word “cache” comes from the verb to hide. Geocaching is a worldwide game of hide and seek of objects. Before heading to Spain we got a GPS uniti and checked out online on the Geocache website ( )if there were any things to be found along the camino. There were some at the beginning and end of the camino.

The last day of walking we decided to leave around 5AM to be able to get to the place that was 4km (2.5 miles) off our trail while it was still cool. We had about 20km (12miles)to go before we could go off trail. When we left it was still very dark out and as we walked through the woods with our head lamps we needed to be on the alert to go in the right direction. It was quite a different experience than walking during the day. You had to trust you were going the right way but also not be afraid to stop and look around. I think it is somewhat like our walk with God. We need to follow Him and faith but it is sometime necessary to stop and see if we are truly following in they way He wants us to go.

Well we got closer to where we wanted to go but had to ask some locals for directions. My (Rob)Spanish is quite limited but after spending a week with about 10 Spaniards in Spain the semester I took while in college came back and I was able to ask for directions and mostly understand them. We finally got to the path headed to the top of Monte Viso. It was not too bad of a hike up and we were rewarded with a beautiful view of the city and found what we were looking for! Thanks to Emily for getting us hooked on geocaching! Here are some photos from our fun time on Monte Viso.

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