Fête des Rois

We only ate three galette this year. I’m certain that’s a record low.

This is not my house, but it is beautiful isn’t it?
Usually we average around ten galette des rois during the month of January. A Galette is a layer of almond paste sandwiched between an infinite number of feuilletine. Feuilletine is supposed to be the english word (though, I’ve never heard of it) for paper thin pastry. So for Mindy Jentes and anyone else out there that is a fan of greek food, it’s like the stuff they make baklava out of (and that’s phyllo dough right?), but it’s even more delicate and flaky, flaky like a croissant, and very sweet. Ten is a bit much.

2 thoughts on “Fête des Rois

  1. No, silly, you never eat a galette by yourself. It’s party food! This year we ate one at the party in the picture, at Fred’s appartment, and she bought a REAL bakery made one. Then one time someone brought one to choir practice and everyone stayed after for a festive little party. And the third one was after we shared with the Dijon church and one of their ladies made a home-made one with ten times as much almond filling as normal ! I couldn’t even finish my one piece from that galette, it was way too sweet. So those were the three we had this year. But let’s see we actually had two different galettes at the church and two different galettes at the party in the picture. So I guess that makes five galettes total, only half of what we had last year!

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