Inventors are the Stars!

This one would bring a smile to my Grampap! Yo, G’pap you out there? I hope you get to read this!
In the spirit of American Idol and all of those “Who wants to be a star?” shows … France brings you a most original “Inventor of the Year!” Complete with a panel of four humorous-yet-tough-as-steel judges, thousands of competitors will come on stage with their gadget or prototype. Tonight was the season premier and so far the most promising has been gal who invented a jacket that transforms into a tent. My biggest doubt arises when she re-transforms her tent into a jacket and slips it onto one of the judges. But, as my back-packing days remind me, wouldn’t the tent be all wet with morning dew? Hum? Bro, Sis, Any ideas? Do you think it would work?

We also saw a couple ho-hum ideas, some good ideas that will probably be marketed some day, but just don’t merit the prestige of inventor of the year, and of course there were the musical montages of complete flop performances. Inventions that were just dumb, unnecessary, or inventions that were camera shy and simply refused to work. In one instance someone has created a great suitcase that is shaped like a sphere and it rolls along the ground effortlessly. But when the panel of judges asked him to open it up, the inventor simply responded that his investment of over a thousand euros only got him an “Outer shell” prototype. It would cost that much more just to get an inside prototype. And if you want an actual working model “$$!” So the judges glance at each other, “Time for a vote?” He’s out. Great idea, but not marketable.

The show’s on every Wednesday night. Let me know if this kind of post interests you, I can keep a dialog and add photos of the recent inventions. Inventions have always been a side interest of mine, but I won’t bore you if this isn’t a passion shared by others out there.

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