I found my faith in bleu cheese

Tonight while I was sharing my enthusiasm for starting two potential new Jesus discovery groups with a good friend of mine, she couldn’t help laughing as the first image that came to mind was “taste-testing” Jesus.

“J’ai trouvé ma foi dans le Rochefort!”

(I found my faith in bleu cheese!)

This became the quote of the night. And the idea would be revisited in many forms throughout our cinema club outing. “I found my faith in foie-gras!” became a favorite because of the punny play-on-words in french.

The waiter found out Philippe is a fan of whipped cream and when his dessert arrived you couldn’t even see what was ordered through the mountain of whipped cream they had heaped on top.

“I’m sorry, could you repeat that? I was concentrating on my whipped cream.”

We had a good laugh and a great evening.

In preparation for CinéClub this afternoon, I had prayed specifically for, Richard, who came as a guest of Sonia last week. Actually, last week they “accidentally” sat in the CinéClub row and so we chatted and got to know each other. Then, you’ll never believe this, CinéClub members found seats together and then in walks Richard about to sit down one row in front of us! It was a bit freaky, I didn’t think I would ever see him again (at least not randomly in a big city of Paris, and he doesn’t get our CinéClub info) So of course we chatted and stuff, but he didn’t stay for the dessert afterwards. I couldn’t help thinking it was providential, and I pray that our witness to him, however brief, would present a warm and accepting atmosphere that would draw him to discover Christ.

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