History Class Comes in Handy

Day-dreaming in class two years ago…
My professors were inspiring; history fanatics, with rich histories themselves. I couldn’t help sharing their insights with everyone around me. “This bridge was built by the protestant king, Henri IV”For the first time in my life I could interact with history and fall in love with it. Everything I learned about France, from the Romain ruins next door, to the water fountains that we drink from on the streets, everything was coming alive as I returned home after class I would pass by the monuments and historic sites and remember their significance. So with ferver I gathered up all of my notes, interviewed a historian and pastor, Tom Julien, and compiled a nice walking tour.

Last week I responded to a call by an evangelical church in a neighboring town by hosting a Prayer-Walk Sunday the 30th. Today after a spontaneous exchange of e-mails and phone calls, I guided our spiritual family through the same tour. We stopped at many major monuments as well as lesser known landmarks to learn history and pray for France and our friends, and our witness. Here’s a note I received from one young lady just hours after the prayer-walk:


Je voulais encore vous remercier pour cette ballade culturelle et surtout d’avoir inclus des prières pendant le parcours, je trouve que c’est une superbe idée. ça m’a fait énormément de bien de pouvoir prier avec mes frères et soeurs.

Grosses bises

(I wanted to thank you again for the cultural stroll and above all for including the prayers as part of the tour, I found it to be a superbe idea. It was really good for me to be able to pray with my brothers and sisters.)

So my next prayer-walk is scheduled for Tuesday, and I have two more groups asking to schedule an outing for them this spring too. It looks like I’ll be busy, but I really enjoy it. And, each time it feels really effective as we pray together about real issues and lift up our hearts before the Lord.

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