My Friend Sanaa

The setting: Fruit Paradise
Eagerly engaged in catching up, and equally enthusiastically anticipating our giant fruit smoothies and mammoth salads, Sanaa and I were in blissful paradise at one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants. She was a little more chatty than normal, gleefully recounting a thousand responses to “What’s up?” Then it became clear,

“I have been seeing someone,”

So the conversation turned from “us” to “them.” How did you meet? What’s he like? What do you like to do together? And knowing her background and practicing Muslim family, I was not surprised to hear that she has very high standards, and has indeed been thinking marriage from the first date. I’m not sure if the concept of courting exists in the French language, but it sounds like that might be a good description for her situation.

Our plates arrived tastefully arranged like a work of art as always, and as always – way too much for little girls like us to finish, but Yum! Then one question directed the rest of the evening’s conversation,

“How do you know if you’ve found the right match?”

My first explanation was that I prayed about it and asked God to reveal His will to me. Honesty and directly including God into the conversation allowed her the freedom to ask if I could pray for her to have the same insight.

Pray that Sanaa might see her own openness to spiritual concepts and conversations as an unquenchable thirst to discover who Jesus is and find herself in His plan for her life.

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