Le Chateau de Saint Albain

The week before Toutsaint (All Saint’s Day) is a holiday in France, so while all the university students are on a two-week vacation, our Grace Brethren teammates gathered together for a conference at our chateau in Bourgogne. (Burgandy) We learned about French culture and steps to take to pass on leadership to our new believers.
Here is a portrait of Holly Ginnan and her boyfriend. She’s been a long time friend and prayer partner of mine and now she is our Child Evangelism Fellowship representative. She leads a Club de la Bonne Nouvelle (Good News Club) in the Martin’s home once a month. The Martin girls have lots of friends who are hearing about Jesus through her fun clubs.
The Chateau is a wonderful ministry to our European team. In addition to providing training it also unites us and creates community. Rob & I spent an extra night with the Chateau staff. Jay & Debbie Hocking have great visions for the Chateau. Pray for them as they will be spearheading many new projects, and consider giving a donation to help fund the repairs that need to take place in the next year.

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