I think the word triad works in English just as well as it works in French. It represents a group of three, and more specifically in this case, a group of three people journeying towards God. (I do, however, wish that the image “journey towards God” worked in French as well as it does in English.)
I had café with Anne-Cécile this afternoon. We were two, not three, but she really needed someone to talk to. It’s hard to balance school, the job search, a boyfriend, and family stress all at the same time. I told her I worry for her health. I wish she would find her strength in the scriptures rather than doctors, maybe I’ll send her an e-mail with a hopeful Bible passage. she has recently moved several metro stops outside the city, and I asked her how often she comes into the city like she did this afternoon, she said, “never.” So evidently she’s not seeing her friends either. Let’s pray …
Cédric joined Rob for café this weekend and asked if they could start up reading the Bible in two weeks. Our friend Erlé (who was a part of their group several times near the end of last school year) is moving to Australia in January and has asked us if we know of any “churches like ours” where he is heading. As God would have it … we just happened to find out about a house church in his future hometown! Praise the Lord for His Divine orchestration.
Sonia and Holly and I have been gathering every Wednesday afternoon since my return and were a big help passing out lightbulbs. It is so fun to get together that we look forward to our sweet time of calm together, and simply the relationships keep us gathering together, and the spiritual refreshment gives us strength to head out again for another week.
Marlène and I have had thé (tea) together several times, though irregularly, and tomorrow we will spend time together before the Cinéclub to pray. (I’m thinking about inviting Sanaa so this could be a real group because of her request to learn more about the Bible and her high esteem for Marlène, so I’ll let you know how that goes.)

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