Social-Media Marketing

Comment Cultiver Des Clients Fidélisés Qui Propagent Votre Message.

How To Create Raving Fans Who Spread Your Message

You have a promising message that will change lives, but when you share it you stumble over how to phrase it to captivate your audience.

You doubt whether they will be as excited about it as you are.

You know there has to be a better way to harness the power of social media, but how?

Isn’t it time you learned how to create raving fans who spread your message?


Build a tribe

Harness the power of social media to first create raving fans who are sold out for your cause and then mobilize your followers to spread your message on multiple media platforms.

Yes, you can! New to this? So was I. Everyone has to start somewhere.


Social Media Marketing

How to Create Raving Fans Who Spread Your Message


Rob’s story

In 2016 I knew I needed a new marketing strategy? My facebook newsfeed oozed of desperate pleas, “I’m having an event. If you’re interested, PM me.” A friend and coach called me out, “You’re doing it all wrong, dude.”


Mastering this Method

New to this? So was I. That’s why I’m the perfect trainer; I have no degrees in IT, business or marketing so I speak your language: down to earth everyday vocabulary. Plus I’m living proof that you don’t have to be techy to master this method. Today I have over 1,000 friends on Facebook and raise tens of thousands of dollars for causes I love. Since 2016 I’ve shared the message helping countless friends stop alienating people on social media, and instead create raving fans who spread their message.


One simple rule:

When tempted to curse the darkness, turn on the light.

Get started now.



What if you had raving fans who spread your message?

Selling is serving and marketing is storytelling.

I’m a member of the Igniting Souls coaching team where you’ll hear this slogan often. Selling is serving means our coaching team is dedicated to leaving people more informed, more motivated and more valuable through every interaction. This value is infused into my program where you will learn the art of pouring value into your clients.

Marketing is storytelling means we are convinced that stories are the most attractive way to convey your message with passion. So in this program you will gain clarity in expressing your story.



Would you like to know…

Seven Steps to Clarity That Will Set Your Newsfeed Ablaze.

Nine Steps to Epic Content Creation.

Eight Steps to Rock-it on Social Media

Step by Step Guide to Inflame a Facebook Frenzy.

Bonus: Nine Reasons I Stopped Following You On Facebook.

Get started now.


Social Media Marketing

How to Create Raving Fans Who Spread Your Message

This Program Contains:

4 Modules (photo of screen shot on a laptop)

Master Social Media Marketing

Each of the sessions is designed around 1 of the 4 core modules that build upon each other progressively. Our private Facebook group integration allows you dynamic community and conversation with Nichole and the other members.

  • Clear, easy to understand training in everyday language
  • Integrated guidebook cultivates responsive reflections
  • Practical case studies, academic research, and personal examples provide a well-rounded and relevant framework


28 Daily Missions (photo of screen shot on an I mac)

Give your message wings one step at a time

Missions give practical doable steps to accomplish your goal. Missions change lives. Missions maintain momentum.

  • Daily missions delivered at the end of each video session
  • Personal accountability cultivates achievement


Raving Fans Guidebook

A proven path to success

The printable guidebook outlines the way to creating raving fans who spread your message. Which is then achieved step by step through each mission of the day.

  • Clarify your life changing message
  • Build a tribe that are passionate about your message
  • Watch your fans promote it with fervor


Lifetime Private Coaching Community (tribe photo)

Nichole serves as your coach within a community of world changers dedicated to your personal and professional success.

Receive daily encouragement, accountability, and empowerment through select content, community, and conversation.

  • Direct access Q and A
  • Tools, Tips, Tactics
  • Cutting-edge resources


Valuable Bonus Items (Word bonus)

Equipped to Inspire

To keep growing you’ll need to keep learning. That’s why we over-deliver by providing you with additional hand-selected resources.

  • Tools that lead you into further clarity
  • Tips that equip you to become more competent

Tactics that empower you to experience more confidence